Where are You?

Rav Tzadok HaCohen of Lublin famously taught that the first time a word appears in the Torah is its headquarters. This is an appropriate idea to keep in mind as we begin our study of the Torah again this week with the portion of Bereishis – In the Beginning.

In this week’s portion, we find the first question in the Torah. After Adam and Chava sin in the Garden of Eden, they hide in shame and the Almighty asks: AYEKAH? – WHERE ARE YOU? (Genesis 3:9)

Obviously, Hashem does not need them to let Him know they are hiding behind the big tree on the south side of the Garden. The question is meant for them, not for Him.

God is saying: I created you for a purpose. You were put into this world to achieve great things. Where are you on your life’s journey? How far have you come? How much have you accomplished? Have you gotten lost…distracted? Where are you?

As the first question in the Bible, this is the ultimate question. The one we are meant to ask ourselves each day. If we don’t know where we are going – it’s easy to get lost. We’re meant to keep checking our bearings. Where are we in our life? How far have we progressed in our journey and toward the goals we are meant to achieve?

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