New class: CONSIDERING CONVERSION-An Introduction to Judaism and the Conversion process

Torah Paths will begin a new program on Monday evenings beginning March 15. This will be an interactive, discussion oriented class for people thinking about conversion to Judaism.

The major components of the program will cover:

  • Understanding the conversion process
  • Potential difficulties that may be encountered
  • Differences between Jewish denominations
  • The basic beliefs of traditional Judaism
  • A survey of the central practices in Jewish life

This class is not designed as a comprehensive conversion program. It is a pre-conversion program to help people make up their minds about whether to pursue a formal conversion. Torah Paths is hoping to offer such a program next year if there is interest.

For people who are already subscribed to Torah Paths, you can simply use the link you have and begin attending on March 15, 8pm Eastern time.

For those interested in this program who are not subscribers, you can subscribe at the website (Please subscribe before March 14 to make sure your subscription will be processed before the first class).

If you have any questions about this program, please contact us at

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14 Responses

    1. People unable to attend either because they are working or due to living in a different time zone are able to participate in the classes by watching the recordings that are sent out each week and mailing in any questions that they may have.

    2. For people who are working at that time or who are in very different time zones, they can view that videos of the classes that are sent out each week and submit questions at the website.

  1. I will be following closely.
    Very interested.
    I have already spoken to a Rabbi here in Arizona that is going to take me on as a sponsor.

  2. Would this class be suitable for someone who couldn’t convert (located far from any synagogue) but maybe to better learn how to worship Hashem as a Noahide?

    1. The class is basically an introduction to Judaism and is not geared toward instructing people how to live according to the Noachide path. There are aspects of Judaism that can be relevant to Noachides, but not always applicable.

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